Imprinted Pens

2014 pen

We have the unique honor of providing pens for Agape France, a Campus Crusade for Christ ministry. It tickles my heart and blesses me tremendously that these pens will end up in Paris (maybe i should volunteer delivery service?) helping spread the message of Christianity!

We are also fortunate in supporting a young family dedicated to reaching the college youth of Paris who are part of the Agape family. Know that every dollar you spend with Alpha helps us support them and the Kingdom!

Visibility Marketing

I find it interesting to describe what it is that I do when people ask. I have used, and come across in my industry, several canned responses. Promotional products. Embroidery and Screenprinting. Advertising Specialties. You name it, I have heard it. We also have individuals in our industry who present themselves as campaign managers of sorts and will work with you to develop a whole advertising campaign. A good end user example of this is banks and enrollment gifts that they offer. Coolers, golf tees, bags etc.

So I was very intrigued when I sat down and listened to an Action Coach presentation by Alan Hill who talked about a strategy called PAR.  Problem, Action, Results.   As it happened I attended this with a client of mine who does outdoor work. The premise is what problem can you identify that you can help your client with, what are the actions you can take to help solve the issue and what are the results.   As we worked through this role play it became very clear that I help people with VISIBILITY MARKETING.

Allow me to explain. I had done coats and sweatshirts for this client with full front and back appliques of their companies logo and name.  Her problem turned out to be that she didn’t have a ton of money or time to spend on marketing efforts especially those that didn’t provide many results. Studies show that on direct mail campaigns a 1-2 percent return is typical and on paper advertising you need to run your ad every week for a very long time to gain the trust and visibility people need to do business with you.

This is where Visibility Marketing comes in. She was wearing one of her decorated coats on a job in an industrial park and her clients neighbor saw her in this jacket. They came out, talked with her and needed her service. Don’t we all wish for this, just doing our thing and having a new client approach us and we land a huge account as a result?

The actions we took was to completely jazz up her companies image and be consistent with their branding by using Visibility Marketing on some key garments.

The result? A brand new client with no effort and no monies put out in standard advertising dollars for my client and BONUS! a huge advocate for me who understands the POWER OF Visibility Marketing!  In addition, she swears that by wearing nicely embroidered shirts that are professional and match her personality her clients spend more time seeking her out and talking to her resulting in client relationship, trust and loyalty.  All great benefits!

VISIBILITY MARKETING-It works! If you would like to land new business without the cold calls and the standard forms of marketing, consider using this highly effective form of advertising.

Share your story below in regards to visibility marketing and how it has worked for you.

The Benefits of Passive Advertising

The word Passive is defined as a: tending not to take an active or dominant part or  b : induced by an outside agency or process.  Promotional Products can be both Active and Passive in their nature but definitely passive in their ongoing reach.  Alpha helps people increase their passive advertising.  In other words, act once and then let the ripple effect take place passively.

The benefits of passive advertising are never ending.  When you hand out a business card, that business card can travel to many peoples hands without you knowing it until you get a call from a stranger right?  What about a pen or a sticker or a magnet that has your company logo on it.  We can almost cross over the line into subliminal.  I really hope every time one of my clients cuts their pizza (stats show weekly in America) with the imprinted cutter I gave them, they are subliminally thinking of me.  You can also utilize passive advertising to reach out to clients that you haven’t heard from in a while.  What better calling card to visit a past client than a gift of a nice pen, coffee mug or custom chocolates?

I would almost say that with apparel items, you get a 2 for 1!  The employee or customer that you give that nice embroidered hat to feels a boost as it is a gift and so they wear it everywhere.  You get that benefit, plus a walking billboard for quite some time. Not bad for a $10 hat right?  (Plus it’s a tax write off-don’t forget about that!)

So as you pick up your phone today to make your 80th cold call, think for a minute.  What passive advertising strategies are working for you?

If you would like your business to grow, feel free to contact us, we can give you lots of passive advertising ideas that are just right for you and your budget!







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