Fundraising Shirts

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Shirts are a great way to show your support for your favorite cause or charity. Not only do they unify your group but they share your message in a clear and concise way. I have had the privilege of helping various groups and organizations with shirts for diabetes, ms and cancer. Each time it is an honor to help spread the message!

Glitter T Shirts

Each season I am always amazed at how responsive the apparel and promotions industry is.  Whatever is hot and trending they will pick up on it and come up with something new!  Just got a new catalog from one of my wholesale vendors so thought I would feature some of the items I thought were cool from it. First up is Glitter T Shirts! They are a blend and the glitter is knit throughout the fabric.  They are a ladies fit vs a junior fit and come in grey, maui blue, black and a wildberry!

  • 3.2 oz., 95/5 cotton/lurex
  • Glitter knit throughout fabric
  • 1×1 rib collar

I can see these would be great for fun ladies wear, dance teams and any organization that wants to sparkle!

Decorating with Screenprinting

Screenprinting.  This is the most often used apparel decoration for shirts.  One color or multiple colors are no problem for this process.  Depending on the shop, four colors are usual but gradients can be used and I used up to 8 colors.  A graphic design is created, screens are made and the ink is actually spread over the screen onto the shirt.  Each color is done seperately and this is quite a stinky process!

Alternative locations such as collars, sleeves, shoulders and around on the sides are now being printed with this process using multiple screens.

This process is the most economical way to decorate shirts when you are talking quantities.  While I make it sound fairly simple, don’t be fooled.   I never advise putting a design out there without having an expert look it over.  Size, colors and make up all make a difference in a nicely screened shirt and one that isn’t.  In this particular photo, we screened the poly shirts for a ball team and then heat pressed the two color numbers on the back.  The advantage of heat pressing the numbers (to be covered soon!) is that we can select from a variety of fonts and colors.  If you chose to screen those, most printers only do stencil versions.

What shirt do you wear all the time that has been screenprinted?  Share it here!

Screenprinting is not all equal.

I have been fortunate to not learn this one the hard way!  I have trusted relationships for all sorts of promotional products and today I want to talk about screenprinting!

I was approached by a new client wanting to bid black t shirts for some very high color, high detail graphic art that had been created for her. While it is super easy to “shop around” for the best price and think you are comparing apples to apples, you also have to know you get what you pay for.

In this instance I was able to get within .30 – $1 per shirt of what she had been quoted by another screenprinter that she went direct to. I do believe in educating people whether they become my clients or not so I shared with her the difference of what a standard screenprinting process might produce compared to one that has been perfected by a knowledgeable supplier!   The way screenprinting is engineered in the design process can make all the difference in the world!  Some printers only print up to four colors while others do double that. Screenprinting is really an art.  The style and make of the garment also makes a huge difference in your end result.  Always ask if you have an unusual garment if they have done a similar job before and ask for info on it.

These shirts are stellar examples of how good art can look!  My idea center also has several examples.

The next time you have art to go on shirts, be sure to give us the opportunity to show you how we can make you shine!  We want to be your  partner and not just your screenprinter!





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Custom T Shirts

With all of the technology out there, t shirts are not expensive anymore to make even on a Custom One by one basis.  This can be achieved in a few ways. Digital printing which is simply taking your design straight out of its design program and printing it right onto a shirt. We can also heat press which is creating the art in single or multi colors, cutting it out of shirt vinyl and then applying with a commercial heat press. The heat press is fun as you can do glitter prints, sparkle prints, neon prints, animal prints and much more. The newest process is dye sublimation where we take a white or light colored polyester shirt and heat press the ink directly into the garment, very upscale and clean. If you watch any pro sport including our Olympics you will see this process everywhere.

All of these are great options for start up businesses and those one of kind gifts or fun shirts you have always wanted!  We have done them for family reunions, small business start ups, birthday’s, special achievements, smaller groups or clubs.  The nice part is that you don’t have to figure out which process to use, we do that for you, you just need to have a vision for what your end product should be.
Heat Press Application  One color heat press

Full Digital Print  Full color digital print



Dye Sublimation Jersey

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