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I have a confession to make.  While my father was a great golfer well into his 70’s I never took up the game till just this summer.  After playing my first 18 holes in a blistering 107 heat index day, I have a new appreciation for what golf goodies would be good to have on the course!

Besides imprinted golf balls and tees, there are plenty of other giveaways that will keep you top of mind with your clients.  A printed or embroidered golf towel comes in handy on those hot days on the course for example.  Also a water bottle on a carabiner to clip to my bag would have been a great gift and one that I touched a hundred times that day, probably thanking the company whose name was on it.  A golf ditty bag to keep all those little things like advil, tees, wet wipes and lip balm would have been another item being handled multiple times a day.  Many of these things are also available in a gift set which is a nice deal and helps on the pocketbook.

Not to ignore the other items that would have helped on a hot day like a nice big umbrella to keep the sun off my head !  Moisture wicking golf shirts for guys and gals are a lifesaver as well, they really work well!  What about a cooling Bandana for around the neck on a hot day?  Don’t forget can or bottle koozies for the cold and dripping drinks that come around on the refreshment cart!

As you can see the options are endless on the course.  We are happy to help you figure out a great giveaway for your next tournament!


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by Gretchen

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