Can Koozies-Advertising that gets Around!

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One of my favorite promotional products has to be can koozies! They are graphic, affordable and most of all people love them! Here in Minnesota it is boating/camping/cabin season and you can never have enough koozies to keep your favorite beverage cold! They come in a regular size can, taller monster style size and of course zippered bottle holders.

This particular koozie also has a great feature, printing on the bottom. Summer special includes one set up for all three locations and your choice of koozie color and imprint color!

Think outside the box and advertise your message at the lake or cabin today!

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2014-06-18 13.02.23

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Back to School Supplies

The School year is approaching fast, are you ready?  Now is a great time to stock up on items those kiddos need.  Sweatshirts for cooler weather, new t shirts to replace those summer well worn ones and of course backpacks and lunch bags.  We offer a nice selection of bags and apparel at If you have your own and just want them decorated with the child name, we can do that too!

What about mom and dad for fall?  An athletic sweatshirt or jacket that touts your child’s sport might be just the ticket!

Do you have on off to college?  We also do apparel for sororities, fraternities, dance clubs and much more!

proof IMAG0212 (612x1024) 2012-04-26 00.21.54 DSCN2109 DSCN2107

1359652599 1366383322 2013-04-16 16.21.49 DSCN2461 dance photo IMAG0328



Custom Rhinestone Designs

Thought I would walk through this process as it is often asked and most think it is more difficult than it really is! We start with your logo:






Then we figure out what would look the best and I do a rendering of the art:

rhinestone art

We then look at the sample stone colors in the studio and determine what colors are closest to your logo to use along with size requirements.  I typically will print out the finished art so you can lay it on a shirt to see if you like the size, most are around 9 inches wide.


We then submit to production and get another proof from them to ensure things do not get lost in translation:



At this point we are golden and they produce and ship.  Once I receive I heat press with a commercial machine the design onto the shirts of your choice.  They can go on cotton, poly or a blend of the two.  Things to consider in picking apparel is neckline and location of print.  You can stay with the standard front chest location or put down low and off to the side, on the mid back or low back.

Most designs will run a $20-30 set up one time, then anywhere from $9-18 per design based on the number of stones.  Of course the more you do, the less they are!

Here is the finished product!2013-05-13 16.19.59 2013-05-13 16.20.35





As you can see, we did two different stone combos for the color of shirts.  Sweet way to get your brand noticed!  Hope that helps clear the air on custom rhinestone designs!

Dance Team Apparel aka Sequin Heaven

So I admit it, I am a closet dancer!  If truth be known I would run around in sequins all day.  So its no surprise that I have several dance teams that I work with.  I enjoy collaborating with them and coming up with new and creative decoration methods and trendy dance wear.  Here is a sneak peak of a shirt I did yesterday, boy does it sparkle! This is a great option to rhinestones and for dance team apparel it is perfect as they lay flat.

2013-04-16 16.21.49This is a pre-made sequin design so you save the set up fee and typically the stone or sequin cost is lower.  They also have similar designs for cheerleaders.  Here are some other fun ones.

Dancer Pink Sequins Cheer Fuchsia Sequins

Cheer SequinDancer Pink Sequins

Course we can’t forget about the moms!

Cheer Mom SequinsDance Mom Sequins

At Alpha you can either select a shirt or bring one that you like to glam up! This option of pre-designed is not only sparkly but affordable!  If you want to see more premade designs, check out my wholesalers  website, it is where you can find the perfect design for the perfect shirt that we can help you with.

Take a moment to comment on your favorite bling or better yet share this on your pinterest or facebook page and by all means if you know of a dance team or dance moms that need more sparkle, pass us along!



Making Technology work for You!

I can’t quite understand folks who say “I don’t like technology”.  Technology makes my life and my business easier and more profitable. From my ipad that i use for my social media and late night emails to all the available online tools, technology is my friend.  Not to mention fun things like online books, streaming videos, pinterest and I even found an app that will color my walls, well virtually anyway!

So I have spent the last few months really delving into my website a bit and if you haven’t visited the full site, I invite you to. I would love the feedback on what you find easy to use and what you might want to see differently. I also have enable a shopping cart feature so now you can not only browse, you can buy!  With help from my blogging coach (thanks Michele!) I feel ready to dive into the big leagues of internet seo and sem.  Of course I am leaving that to the professionals but it is my next step.

Technology also plays a key role in my business as every time I think “they” have thought of everything, something new comes out!  An example of this is a new superglitter technique I played with last week.  Essentially instead of just pressing this material onto the garment, you sew it on, then press it for an applique look.  As I have had some folks ask for this, this was an awesome find!  It actually came to me via technology, my inbox!  I was invited through an industry association to participate in a webinar where I watched the technique and the next day viola! I did it.

2013-04-08 17.43.05-2


Don O’s Pest Control in Albertville is a great resource for anything that bugs you!



So the question is, how does technology work for you?  Do share your best techy tip here!

Distressed Applique

This is a fun new product I picked up at the recent Decorated Apparel show.  Available in a single color or two color (we call it kiss cut in the industry) this is a press on product which means its very affordable as you don’t pay for me to sew it on!  This technique would be about 1/3 less than standard embroidery.  Combined with other heat press methods like regular cad cut, superglitter or even rhinestones this will be a unique and eye catching design medium.

Pre-Sewn Distressed Letters & Numbers   Pre-Sewn Distressed Letters & Numbers

I made a sample up for the “knight” in our family so if you see him out and about you will know where it came from..I combined grey and black heat press material with the distressed applique in a unique design in a sword like shape.  Pretty tricky if I say so myself.

2013-04-09 11.43.50 2013-04-09 11.44.00

This type of decoration method is simple, affordable and perfect when you are talking about just a handful of garments or when personalization is necessary.  Tell me what you think of the look!

More Mixed Media Shirt Designs

Mixed media is the hottest trend in shirts these days.  Whether you take an all over printed dye sublimated shirt and bling it out or combine embroidery and bling, the sky is the limit!

Here is an example of Applique (Sewn on twill material with embroidery) and rhinestones combined.  Super sharp look!

DSCN2461Combos of sequins and rhinestones and lace and rhinestones is also an eye catching look!

2013-04-03 14.22.55What Combos can you Dream up?

Creating T Shirt Art

I thought this week I would focus on some of behind the scenes work that goes on in creating the brands you see everyday on the street.  My first case study today is for Kingdom Cruisers, a car club with a spiritual base!  They came to me last year with plans for their first car show. Based on their logo and vision I went to the drawing board on shirts.

For printed shirt designs I utilize several art programs and have thousands of images and templates to choose from for this process.  The options I take into consideration are the total number of shirts planned, the logo of the company I am working with and of course the culture of the event.  This allows me to offer a nice range of options within the clients budget.

T Shirt Art

From this, the shirt was selected and produced along with can koozies for the event: