New Golf Tournament Giveaways

Each year reveals new giveaways for golf tournaments.  Many companies host these as a fundraiser or a client thank you.  They are a great way to network and if you have a unique giveaway your name is sure to be in front of your potential clients for years to come. Even an old standby like a golf towel can have new life breathed into it by using a new technique to decorate it.  How about a woven towel or an all over color dye sublimated towel?  Both of these are available and a show stopper!  I snapped some photos of some great options for giveaways below!


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Sign Up Booth

This is just the ticket for those races, rides and benefits.  A complete sign up booth and at less than $1000 budget friendly!  What other applications do you think it could be used for?

Fast set-up and easy transport make this package a natural fit for demonstrations, minute clinics or membership drives.

  • Truly versatile with both a 6′ and 8′ Graphic Headers, an 8′ Convertible Table Throw and a Roll Up Literature Display
  • Header frame clamps to any table and push button adjusters allow for easy changes in height and width
  • Banners, table throw and display frame all fit within a small soft carry case
  • Table NOT included with Package

Vendor Spotlight-Ventura Line

They are my favorite koozie supplier of late due to their fabulous special! Just check out my pics on facebook for the ones I have done in the last month or so.  In addition they do keytags, drinkware, golf items, mousepads, clocks, calenders, water bottles, awareness ribbons, award ribbons, hand fans and much more!

Award_Ribbons_4f9f7572f178a Awareness_Ribbon_4fa0b4ee26d50 Large_Photo_Fram_4f5f83a1bafa2_90x90 Paper_Coasters_4f5fb603af49d_90x90 Soft_Top_4f5f80739ec94_90x90 Swivel_Analog_De_4f5f84f517f27_90x90 White_Key_Light_4fa3fef3830ca_90x90 Wood___Silver_De_4f5f877282e26_90x90Promotional items can work to build your business, create brand loyalty and reward not only your customers but employees as well.  I am so blessed with the clients I have I want to provide a gift for them upon completion of an order.  How many times have you felt the same but been empty handed?  Having a supply at different levels of a promotional product to hand out is a smart business practice!

Golf Tournament Program

Are you ready to Scramble?  What about a Best Ball?  If you are planning a golf tourney, you’ll want to send out invitations to your tournament three months before the event itself. The invitations should clearly state the date, time and place. Once you have an estimated number of guests you can decide on appropriate pre-tournament promotions to build excitement. A golf umbrella or a divot repair tool is a great way to get people excited about playing in the tournament. Customized golf tees and balls are a great way to put a personal touch on your event.

Tournament Gift Bags
Registration at the event is the ideal spot for distributing gift bags. Choose a quality tote to hold items your guests can use during the tournament, such as a sports bottle, golf towel, balls, tees and divot repair tools. Tote bags offer practicality and can be used for light travel, day trips or as a gym bag. It is also a good idea to include a product your guests will use long term, such as a golf-themed pen.

Raffle for Charity
Here’s a chance for you to show your goodwill in more ways than one, by holding a raffle for charity at the event. Decide on an amount per ticket and supply a unique prize such as a golf bag that players would appreciate winning.

When it comes to awards at the end of the day it’s easy to make anyone feel special! You should decide on how many awards to distribute and what to give prizes for. Celebrate any achievement from longest putt, longest drive, closest to the pin, low foursome, low golfer, etc.

After the Event
Post tournament gifts are a great way to thank your guests. Picture frames make for a nice decorative piece and will give your clients great memories of your event.

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