Athletic Jerseys

softball jerseys

The sporting season never ends here at Alpha. Because we do primarily fun and adult sporting leagues we find ourselves designing jerseys year round. Our process is meant to be quite client friendly. Oftentimes new clients tell me they never saw the finished product until it was in their hands. Here at Alpha we work a bit differently.

In this particular case for example the client called and wanted originally a button front jersey but had a limited budget. We gave three different options for pricepoint and included three art renderings including the split front. Upon review they decided this option met their needs and their budget. Result-happy client!

Vendor Spotlight-Apparel Decoration

Oftentimes I am asked when meeting a client for the first time, what makes me different. While that is a loaded question here is the short answer on the apparel front.  Because I started in the business actually decorating garments (I still do some) I understand what looks good and what works.  We have all seen a decorated garment when it doesn’t look good and my goal is to always provide the best garment for the best price.  To that end I am pleased to partner with my wholesale decorator who also happens to be a local business, Shop Local!

What makes my partner different is they completely research the technology and invest in the right equipment and then train their staff properly to turn out some of the hottest garments in the industry!  A great example of their commitment to this is the digital printing technology.  As a small business I can buy basically a table top version to do this.  Their version however is bigger than my car and puts out a near perfect print every time.  There really is no comparison between the two in quality and life expectancy.

Here is some of the work:659_tn_gallery 205_tn_gallery 271_tn_gallery 398_tn_gallery 576_tn_gallery 600_tn_gallery 631_tn_gallery 652_tn_gallery

From standard screenprinting to laser etching or dye sublimation, this partner makes it easy for me to fulfill every need.

Beer Bottle Koozies

Koozies are available now in a variety of shapes and options.  Whether you are looking for a hunting themed koozie or one with built in ice pack or an attached carabiner.  They also come for a standard beer can, energy drink size, water bottles or a zip front beer bottle style.

74464897446640744649274466007446550Be sure and look through my facebook page photos for my current sale of koozies with three sided printing!


Volleyball Shirts

It’s that time of year when outdoor sports are prevelant.  Have you noticed many bar and grills now have volleyball courts, bocce ball and if you live in Minnesota bean bag throws.  That is all super fun but what really makes a team bond is decorated shirts 🙂

2013-07-09 17.53.062013-07-09 17.53.28Team shirts can be done very affordably for any quantity.  Rather than shop online, shop local and let us help you with your team shirts!  We do comp art for you and work with your budget.



2013-04-29 16.39.39We can also jazz them up for you ladies with superglitter and/or bling and that stands out from the crowd!

2013-04-29 16.39.48

Fun Temporary Tattoos on Sale

horse tattoos tattoosTemporary tattoos are a fun and affordable way to promote your business at the local or state fair, tradeshow or community event. They come in a variety of sizes and almost any art is condusive to this process.  Right now through August 25th, you can get 1000 when you order 1000!  This is an annual sale that makes your bargain twice as nice!  A true BOGO!  a 2 inch x 2 inch tattoo is just $148 for 1000 of them and if you order now, you can get 2000!

These come off very easily with a little bit of vegy or olive oil and kids love them.  Plus it gives you a captive audience to talk to the parents, perfect!

tattoocollyard tattoo

Non Profit Walks and Rides

When you are organizing a walk or a ride, the details can be overwhelming! Make your event stand out from the rest with clever and affordable giveaways.  Be sure you carry your logo or theme throughout and you will create loyalty that will boost your attendance year after year!

Before the walk, encourage people to participate and announce the event to the company with products such as balloons and lip balm imprinted with the well-known pink ribbon. Magnets and bumper stickers also make great small handouts that will remind participants of the event.


Wear it with Pride
Pink apparel and ribbon-imprinted accessories such as bracelets, shirts, scarves and caps are proudly worn by walkers before, during and after fundraising events. It is a good idea to plan on ordering about half the quantity of the rest of the products, since men will likely be involved, but won’t be wearing ladies’ apparel.

innovative 002

During the Walk
Before the walk, give participants a goody bag full of items they can use along the way: a ribbon lapel pin to wear proudly, an umbrella in case of rain, bottled water or a pedometer. You can also sell imprinted heart-rate monitors before the race to raise even more money.

After the Event
Shout the cause loud and clear with a fan, binoculars, blanket or fun beach ball. A drawstring bag is reusable and easy to carry.


Custom T Shirt Printing

This is another decoration method that can be quite confusing.  Believe me it has come a long way in the years since I first started.  Essentially you have an event or sport or organization that you want to do custom t shirts for right?  Depending on the number of shirts, the color or colors in the art and the material of the shirts, you can now have the shirts screenprinted, dye sublimated or digitally printed.

Not to worry, not your job to know which, that would be mine!  The first step of this is where I think you can go right or wrong on your decision making.  I had a potential client call me just this week and they had ordered custom printed t shirts online from that online source, you know the one!  Six weeks later, no shirts and the big online source couldn’t track them.  Now, I know this is probably the rarity and most orders are flawless but let me encourage you as a small business owner that relationships matter.

They matter in making sure the art you have works, that the shirt is going to look like what you want when you get it and stand behind the shirts if they don’t look like they should.  Make sense?  PLUS local businesses like myself are usually quicker and comparably priced to the online retailers.  We also can do other things like business cards, coaster and car vinyl just like the big boys do too 🙂

So again, we start with your logo and your idea for a shirt:


Then we design a shirt around it in the colors you want:






Then we print the shirt and viola! your art comes to life!




So the next time you are surfing the internet, intent on buying something custom, take a look in your own neighborhood and support small business by SHOPPING LOCAL!  You will be glad you did!