New Golf Tournament Giveaways

Each year reveals new giveaways for golf tournaments.  Many companies host these as a fundraiser or a client thank you.  They are a great way to network and if you have a unique giveaway your name is sure to be in front of your potential clients for years to come. Even an old standby like a golf towel can have new life breathed into it by using a new technique to decorate it.  How about a woven towel or an all over color dye sublimated towel?  Both of these are available and a show stopper!  I snapped some photos of some great options for giveaways below!


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Fundraising Shirts

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Shirts are a great way to show your support for your favorite cause or charity. Not only do they unify your group but they share your message in a clear and concise way. I have had the privilege of helping various groups and organizations with shirts for diabetes, ms and cancer. Each time it is an honor to help spread the message!

Golf Giveaways

I have a confession to make.  While my father was a great golfer well into his 70’s I never took up the game till just this summer.  After playing my first 18 holes in a blistering 107 heat index day, I have a new appreciation for what golf goodies would be good to have on the course!

Besides imprinted golf balls and tees, there are plenty of other giveaways that will keep you top of mind with your clients.  A printed or embroidered golf towel comes in handy on those hot days on the course for example.  Also a water bottle on a carabiner to clip to my bag would have been a great gift and one that I touched a hundred times that day, probably thanking the company whose name was on it.  A golf ditty bag to keep all those little things like advil, tees, wet wipes and lip balm would have been another item being handled multiple times a day.  Many of these things are also available in a gift set which is a nice deal and helps on the pocketbook.

Not to ignore the other items that would have helped on a hot day like a nice big umbrella to keep the sun off my head !  Moisture wicking golf shirts for guys and gals are a lifesaver as well, they really work well!  What about a cooling Bandana for around the neck on a hot day?  Don’t forget can or bottle koozies for the cold and dripping drinks that come around on the refreshment cart!

As you can see the options are endless on the course.  We are happy to help you figure out a great giveaway for your next tournament!


umbrellasgolf towels golfers ping

Mounted Canvas Art

Bet you didn’t know I could help you with your art projects!  This is a beautiful original painting done by a client that was photographed and uploaded.  We then printed onto canvas and it was stretched over a wood frame.  It could be hung as is or set into a frame.  This is a beautiful way to show off original artwork or photographs with artist quality!

Price points are very affordable and this would make a great gift for newlyweds or grandparents!


2014-07-31 11.34.42

Custom Embroidered Patches

I have had a few clients recently with intricate logos.  When this happens and they want to keep the integrity of their logo for embroidery, oftentimes a patch is the way to go.  With an embroidered patch on hats and jackets and even on work shirts you can get the look of your logo without the heavy stitch count that makes standard embroidery curl.

High quality workmanship and design combined with twill backing and the highest quality thread make these patches the very best available on the market. The pricing structure is designed to offer the very best product at the lowest possible price without compromising quality.

  • Up to 8 colors included in our prices
  • Polyester fade resistant thread
  • Safe dry clean and machine washable materials
  • Rapid lead time of 8-10 business days after proof approval
  • Design assistance upon request
  • Free set up

Embroidered Patches

These patches can be ironed on or sewn on.  At $2-8 a patch, this is a nice option for a complicated logo!

Banner Trade Show Package

This package is very versatile in that you can use one or all of the banners to create your custom display depending on your venue, space and of course your audience.  There are three 31.5 inch retractable banners, a literature holder and a table that doubles as the storage container.  This one retails for right around $1100.00 perfect!

(3) 261003 – 31.5″ Economy Retractor
(1) 257030 – Showgoer Case-to-Podium w/Graphic Wrap
(1) 230001 – Roll Up Literature Display

Tail Gating Tradeshow Package

This is the perfect set up for mobile and sporting events.  It comes with a cooler on wheels to serve refreshments, a custom table cover and two director chairs for hanging out.  The imprinted tent and unique banner flag really scream custom!

This show package is right around $1600.00.

(1) 240612 – 10′ Standard Tent w/Full-Color Thermal Imprint, 2 Locations
(1) 220079 – Tent Soft Case w/Wheels
(1) 108002 – 6′ Nylon Table Throw 3-Sided w/1-Color Imprint
(1) 220009g – Table Throw Soft Carry Case
(1) 280007 – 6′ Portable Folding Table
(1) 280281 – Four Season Event Coolr Kit
(2) 111026 – Table Height Directors Chairs w/1-Color Imprint
(1) 190672 – 13′ Razor Sail Sign Banner Single-Sided with Spike Base
(1) 240197 – Sail Sign Mount for Tent Frame

Vendor Spotlight-Apparel Decoration

Oftentimes I am asked when meeting a client for the first time, what makes me different. While that is a loaded question here is the short answer on the apparel front.  Because I started in the business actually decorating garments (I still do some) I understand what looks good and what works.  We have all seen a decorated garment when it doesn’t look good and my goal is to always provide the best garment for the best price.  To that end I am pleased to partner with my wholesale decorator who also happens to be a local business, Shop Local!

What makes my partner different is they completely research the technology and invest in the right equipment and then train their staff properly to turn out some of the hottest garments in the industry!  A great example of their commitment to this is the digital printing technology.  As a small business I can buy basically a table top version to do this.  Their version however is bigger than my car and puts out a near perfect print every time.  There really is no comparison between the two in quality and life expectancy.

Here is some of the work:659_tn_gallery 205_tn_gallery 271_tn_gallery 398_tn_gallery 576_tn_gallery 600_tn_gallery 631_tn_gallery 652_tn_gallery

From standard screenprinting to laser etching or dye sublimation, this partner makes it easy for me to fulfill every need.

Back to School Supplies

The School year is approaching fast, are you ready?  Now is a great time to stock up on items those kiddos need.  Sweatshirts for cooler weather, new t shirts to replace those summer well worn ones and of course backpacks and lunch bags.  We offer a nice selection of bags and apparel at If you have your own and just want them decorated with the child name, we can do that too!

What about mom and dad for fall?  An athletic sweatshirt or jacket that touts your child’s sport might be just the ticket!

Do you have on off to college?  We also do apparel for sororities, fraternities, dance clubs and much more!

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