Can Koozies-Advertising that gets Around!

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One of my favorite promotional products has to be can koozies! They are graphic, affordable and most of all people love them! Here in Minnesota it is boating/camping/cabin season and you can never have enough koozies to keep your favorite beverage cold! They come in a regular size can, taller monster style size and of course zippered bottle holders.

This particular koozie also has a great feature, printing on the bottom. Summer special includes one set up for all three locations and your choice of koozie color and imprint color!

Think outside the box and advertise your message at the lake or cabin today!

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Athletic Jerseys

softball jerseys

The sporting season never ends here at Alpha. Because we do primarily fun and adult sporting leagues we find ourselves designing jerseys year round. Our process is meant to be quite client friendly. Oftentimes new clients tell me they never saw the finished product until it was in their hands. Here at Alpha we work a bit differently.

In this particular case for example the client called and wanted originally a button front jersey but had a limited budget. We gave three different options for pricepoint and included three art renderings including the split front. Upon review they decided this option met their needs and their budget. Result-happy client!

Dye Sublimated Jerseys

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This is one of my favorite decoration methods.  You can go high buck and have the material printed and then sewn into a jersey which is a great option for a totally custom look.  This option is quicker, less expensive and carries most of the impact the other does!  The process is pretty simple, a design is made and approved, shirts are ordered and printed and all of that in under 3 weeks!  This option is great for volleyball teams, softball and baseball, landscaping and lawn care companies.

These are super affordable and the shirts are uv 30 and moisture wicking!



Dog Tags

The history of the dog tag is an interesting one.

During the American Civil War of 1861–1865, some soldiers pinned paper noteswith their name and home address to the backs of their coats. Other soldiers stenciled identification on their knapsacks or scratched it in the soft lead backing of the army belt buckle.

Manufacturers of identification badges recognized a market and began advertising in periodicals. Their pins were usually shaped to suggest a branch of service and engraved with the soldier’s name and unit. Machine-stamped tags were also made of brass or lead with a hole and usually had (on one side) an eagle or shield and such phrases as “War for the Union” or “Liberty, Union, and Equality”. The other side had the soldier’s name and unit and sometimes a list of battles in which he had participated.

Since then dog tags have become standard military issue and in some arenas a fashion statement.  They are a sure fire fun way to promote an event!

Buttons oh Buttons!

Buttons are a great way to share a message.  The first photographic image on pins or buttons dates to 1860. Abraham Lincoln and his various opponents used the tintype or ferrotype photo process.

The first mass production of metal buttons dates to the 1896 William McKinley campaign for president with “celluloid” buttons with one side of a metal disk covered with paper (printed with the message) and protected by a layer of clear plastic.

Since 1916, buttons have also been produced by lithographing the image directly onto the metal disk.  A celluloid-type button is fastened to a garment using a pin on the back side of the button (in recently-produced buttons, the pin generally fits into a safety-pin-style catch). A lithographed button may fasten with a pinback or with a metal tab which folds over a lapel or pocket.

One of the most famous uses of campaign buttons occurred during the 1940 U.S. presidential election, when Wendell Willkie‘s campaign produced millions of lithographed slogan buttons in rapid response to news items about President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Now that we have a history of buttons, let’s look at what options we have for today!

Our custom buttons are an inexpensive and effective advertising tool. We offer nine different sizes and styles ideal for any campaign, even or function!

Buttons come in various shapes and sizes.  The company I use is located in the USA (Made in the USA) and does not charge a set up fee which makes these one of the few items in the industry to do so.

If you are thinking that a pin back is the only way to go, think again. Buttons now come with mirrors on the backside (great for ladies), magnetized for fridges and even have a bottle opener on the back!  Some other unique options are zipper pulls and key tags.

And if you think round is the only shape, think again!  Square, rectangular, oval are all available!  With prices starting at just .21, these are an affordable way to help get your name out there!

Full Color Dye Sublimated Flags

Full color flags are a great way to designate your headquarters, show spirit at home or on the field!  Available in screenprinted or a full color dye sublimation, they are bright and colorful!

Brilliantly dyed and manufactured to last!

  • Dye-sublimated on durable 3.5 oz. polyester knit fabric
  • Single-sided, with reverse image on the back side.
  • Ideal for outdoor advertising
  • Perfect for corporate headquarters, schools, libraries, government offices, and much more
  • 90 Day Warranty

Vendor Spotlight-Ventura Line

They are my favorite koozie supplier of late due to their fabulous special! Just check out my pics on facebook for the ones I have done in the last month or so.  In addition they do keytags, drinkware, golf items, mousepads, clocks, calenders, water bottles, awareness ribbons, award ribbons, hand fans and much more!

Award_Ribbons_4f9f7572f178a Awareness_Ribbon_4fa0b4ee26d50 Large_Photo_Fram_4f5f83a1bafa2_90x90 Paper_Coasters_4f5fb603af49d_90x90 Soft_Top_4f5f80739ec94_90x90 Swivel_Analog_De_4f5f84f517f27_90x90 White_Key_Light_4fa3fef3830ca_90x90 Wood___Silver_De_4f5f877282e26_90x90Promotional items can work to build your business, create brand loyalty and reward not only your customers but employees as well.  I am so blessed with the clients I have I want to provide a gift for them upon completion of an order.  How many times have you felt the same but been empty handed?  Having a supply at different levels of a promotional product to hand out is a smart business practice!

Back to School Supplies

The School year is approaching fast, are you ready?  Now is a great time to stock up on items those kiddos need.  Sweatshirts for cooler weather, new t shirts to replace those summer well worn ones and of course backpacks and lunch bags.  We offer a nice selection of bags and apparel at If you have your own and just want them decorated with the child name, we can do that too!

What about mom and dad for fall?  An athletic sweatshirt or jacket that touts your child’s sport might be just the ticket!

Do you have on off to college?  We also do apparel for sororities, fraternities, dance clubs and much more!

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Volleyball Shirts

It’s that time of year when outdoor sports are prevelant.  Have you noticed many bar and grills now have volleyball courts, bocce ball and if you live in Minnesota bean bag throws.  That is all super fun but what really makes a team bond is decorated shirts 🙂

2013-07-09 17.53.062013-07-09 17.53.28Team shirts can be done very affordably for any quantity.  Rather than shop online, shop local and let us help you with your team shirts!  We do comp art for you and work with your budget.



2013-04-29 16.39.39We can also jazz them up for you ladies with superglitter and/or bling and that stands out from the crowd!

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